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It always intrigues, though not necessarily surprises, me when an internationally acclaimed artist chooses to settle and obtain inspiration in the Caribbean.  In the case of Scottish artist Peter Doig, the move from London to Trinidad which he made in 2002 was in fact a return: he had lived in Trinidad for several years with his parents as a child.

Best known for his melancholy and dreamlike renditions of bucolic landscapes, Doig is a figurative painter who has become one of the most internationally-celebrated painters of his generation having been nominated for the Turner Prize in 1994.  His body of work, which hangs in museums around the world and are prized by collectors, includes snowy, tree-filled scenes often dotted with a lone figure, blurry cabins and solitary, water-drifting canoes (including Doig's record-breaking "White Canoe," which sold at auction for $11.3 million in 2007).  Since his move, the life and culture of Trinidad now serve as the starting point for his impressionistic paintings and these are the ones which have the most resonance for me.

Images: via Michael Werner Gallery


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