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Last year's superhero party for girls has been pinned and re-pinned and as a lot of parents get birthday party inspiration online, we thought we would feature another party this year.  If you don't have kids, you may want to look away now.

The theme was taken from the location which is next door to a nature reserve complete with wooded area and mysterious trails.  The area is so unspoilt you can easily imagine fairies playing amongst the trees.

The colour-scheme of the party was based on the invitation and, as it was to be a woodland rather than any other kind of fairy party, pains were taken to keep the colours - mint blues, lilac, chartreuse and silver grey - as soft and as muted as possible without venturing into drab territory.   Every fairy needs a wand and rather than re-visit wings (they had had a butterfly party a few years back), it was decided  instead that the fairies should receive a crown of flowers which were handmade using these headbands as the starting point.  You may recognise the tree on which the crowns were hung from here.

Games were based on a book about different kinds of fairies owned by the birthday girl.  There were crafts in honour of the Garden Fairies who "paint flowers to make them pretty and decorate toadstools", for the Treetop Fairies who "gather nuts and ripe fruit from the trees" there was a treasure hunt where each child had to find three items (a glittered stick, a painted leaf and a stone with a gold heart on it) in order to receive a prize.  One of the more fun games was in honour of the Rain Fairies.  In lieu of a piƱata, white balloons representing raindrops were filled with candy and confetti and thrown from a balcony to the children gathered below.  There was also a Pin the Fairy on the Flower game and, instead of a bounce house, pony rides which the children also enjoyed.

As a thank you, guests were given goody bags with a long-legged bunny (in keeping with the invitation), a wooden toadstool spinning top, confetti poppers and, of course, fairy candy.  They also took home the floral crowns, wands and their crafts.


Images: island*atelier


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