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There is exciting news on the local home design front with the launch earlier this month of a new retail space.  Urban Cottage, an occasional shop featuring a mix of new and vintage home decor, gifts, reclaimed goods, one-of-a-kind objects and architectural salvage, is the brainchild of Nicole Golden Hendrickson who, while lacking a formal training in interior design, more than makes up for this omission with an innate understanding of colour, texture and form and a keen eye for design.  Hendrickson formerly spent time living in the US and her design philosophy revolves around the repurposing and reuse of items.  She has the prescience to see the potential in items which otherwise would have been discarded.  Take for example the road signs which were acquired as they were being replaced and are now regarded as collectors' items or the fact that the previous occupier of the premises left behind piles of lumber which Hendrickson (who carried out much of the overhaul of the space herself) repurposed as cladding, adding warmth to the loft-like interior of the warehouse space.

Strikingly beautiful lighting, both modern and traditional, is carried in store.  Large items of furniture including tables, chairs and sofas are also available for purchase in addition to smaller finishing touches such as cushions, cowhide rugs and vases.  We were particularly fond of the mid-century modern chairs as pieces from this period are rarely available for purchase on island but all of the items offered at Urban Cottage are designed to create a focal point or add a quirky touch to a room's decor.

Visit the store's website for more information and hours of operation.

Images: island*atelier


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