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Mimicking the natural plumage of birds in nature is this collection of decorative wooden figures by Moisés Hernández Design Studio.

Called Immersed Birds, the Studio chose colourful tropical birds such as the toucan, hummingbird and Mexican quetzal as their muses. The minimalist, curving shapes of the Ash sculptures were milled using CNC technology and finished with a dip-dying technique that was executed by immersing each piece in coloured water - an experiment that was developed for this project and which gives each bird a unique personality. Each piece is therefore the result of the intersection of texture and transparency (in some places the wood grain still apparent) made by layers of colour of varying hues and depths. The strength of the colour, tones and the way sections cross one another all depend on the length of time and the angle at which the piece was submerged. In this way, the birds acquire a certain duality: where hand- and machine-made perfectly complement one another.

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