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Edeline Lee stuck to a limited palette of neutral beiges, greys and a pink just a shade darker than the ubiquitous millennial. Frills, which have been so popular this season, graced the shoulders of sweaters and sleeves. The collection was unadorned for the most part, so these textural elements were an important way of adding interest. There were a few structural and tailored pieces including a double-breasted jacket and trench coat. Buttons, another feature that keep reoccurring in the Spring collections, also provided some colour contrast and embellishment on an otherwise unadorned collection that included simple shirt dresses, flutter sleeves and flared skirts as well as delicate smocking on blouses and dresses. Our favourite looks included long trousers tied at the ankle that were paired with a sweater with oversized bows on the shoulders.

Images | Kim Jakobsen To

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