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Green Jijibaba Sweater

Jijibaba is a first time a brand created by furniture designers Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon.

We're big fans of Hayon who is a prolific sculptor and designer, and whose work blurs the lines between art and design. His creations span diverse media and can be found not only in hotels, restaurants and retail establishments, but also in art exhibitions and museum collections around the world. Conversely, Morrison looks to find the exceptional in the world of the ordinary. He is a firm believer that design should have an almost invisible presence in the end product and that an atmosphere of naturalness in things is more important than a designer’s signature. A very different ethos to Hayon's distinct style.

Jijibaba’s creative directors have split the task of designing the collection - which includes overcoats, shirts, jackets, trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and wallets - into two. Pieces numbered 1 to  21 have been designed by Hayon, while the remaining 19 items came from the mind of Morrison. The new line will be sold exclusively at Dover Street Market, London, New York, Ginza and Singapore, and reflects each designer's unique creative spirit and identity but uses ideas and approaches that emanate from the designers’ grounding in industrial design.

Jijibaba is intended to be an evolving collection of high quality and functional clothing created by a community of designers. Following the launch of these initial items, Morrison and Hayon will be responsible for selecting other designers to contribute to the collection in the future.

Jijibaba Jacket
Jijibaba Parka, sweater and chinos 
Jijibaba brown tweed jacket and chinos
Jijibaba red chicken t-shirt, jacket and chinos
Jijibaba brown tweed jacket and chinos
Jijibaba grey tweed jacket, blue sweater and black chinos
Jijibaba green tweed jacket, shirt and olive chinos
Jijibaba white chicken shirt
Jijibaba abstract patterned sweater
Jijibaba camel coat,patterned sweater and olive chinos
Jijibaba blue sweater and black chinos
Jijibaba navy jacket, face sweater and black chinos
Jijibaba grey tweed jacket, graphic white shirt
Jijibaba navy graphic t-shirt
Jijibaba blue v-necked sweater
Jijibaba blue patterned shirt
Jijibaba smile face black wallet and red wallet

Jijibaba smile face blue wallet and green wallet
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