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The Skirt table by NOMI

Skirt table from Sydney-based furniture studio, NOMI is a highly customisable piece. The studio was founded on the idea of customisable design and is geared towards clients who may be looking for a more personalised product.

The Skirt table was designed for both public venues such as bars and restaurants and private spaces and can be tailored to suit any project quickly and easily. It is based on a central conical aluminium "skirt" that creates a strong angular connection between the table top and the legs which flare outward at a slight angle and are held together by a central locking wedge. Customisable options include a variation in the number of legs (three or more can be easily redistributed around the perimeter), changes in the height of said legs, and alterations in the shape, size and material of the table top.

The Skirt table by NOMI
The Skirt table by NOMI
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