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Anrealage’s collection was all about light and its diffusion. Entitled ‘Prism’, designer Kunihiko Morinaga noted that what the onlooker would take from the clothes would be dependent on their vantage point and played this effect to the hilt.  The small collection was notable for its use of unconventional and innovative fabrics. Morinaga emphasised a triangular, prismatic pattern over which transparent PVC macs designed to reveal rather than conceal were worn. This bright pattern then gave way to some interesting monochromatic houndstooth on a stiff, papery fabric. The models wore sneakers which were a collaboration between Anrealage and Onitsuka Tiger. The shoes were coated with a multi-ocular lens effect, ensuring a reflective surface from head to toe.

Images | Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv

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