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A collection of cozy knits and florals in strong, but limited hues is how this collection can be summed up. 

It is a shift for Lupfer who sought to simplify his line in the hopes that it will generate interest from new quarters. He showed long pleated skirts, ribbed Italian cashmere sweaters, and parka and duffle wool coats made of material from heritage brand AW Hainsworth of West Yorkshire, as well as in leopard faux fur or with faux fur trims. The clothes were accessorised with fur trapper hats and oversized faux fur mittens, fringed scarves, more sweaters, and hiking sneakers. Some embellishment was held over from previous collections including crystal and enamel accoutrements. Lupfer could not get rid of his signature lips either, although they were rendered monochromatically in black-on-black so as to be an unobtrusive as possible. 


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