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Like something out of a science fiction novel, IKEA's newest product aims to improve the health of your indoor environment while also making it beautiful. 

The Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture retailer has developed a type of fabric that can actively purify the air in your home. Called GUNRID, the curtain uses a technology IKEA has been developing over the last few years in collaboration with universities in Europe and Asia. A mineral-based, photocatalyst coating is applied to the surface of the fabric and, using a process similar to photosynthesis, it breaks down particles of common indoor air pollutants such as odours and formaldehyde, thereby cleaning the air. For the photosynthetic process, either artificial or natural light can trigger the effect, but details as to exactly what type of particles it can act on, and how large they need to be, have not yet been released. 

While the GUNRID curtains are the first product to use the textile, the newly developed technology is not restricted to curtains. It can be used on other soft furnishings such as bedding and cushions. 

In colder climates where fresh air may not be available all year around, the application of this fabric could be tremendous.  But don't rush to your nearest IKEA just yet; a prototype of the curtain will not be released until 2020.



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