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This poster was recently put up for sale at the Swann Auction Galleries’ Vintage Poster auction in New York as part of a series of vintage travel posters from the 1940s and 1950s.
Created in the 1940s by illustrator Boris Artzybasheff, winner of the Caldecott Medal for children’s illustration literature, the Bermuda by Clipper poster commissioned for Pan American World Airways and is typical of his striking graphic style. Artzybasheff was best known for his magazine art and illustrations, and his drawings can be found in most major American magazines including Life, Fortune and Time magazine. He was fond of anthropomorphism and often drew what were dubbed "mechanised humans" - toiling machines that displayed distinctly human characteristics. After 1940, Artzybasheff devoted himself to commercial art, including advertisements for Xerox, Shell Oil, Pan Am.

The surreal image he created for this poster was recently used as the cover artwork of the April 2019 edition of the Bermuda magazine. It features a mermaid drawn to mirror the shape of the islands holding a lily, one of Bermuda's main exports at that time. The piece had been expected to fetch around $1,500 but ended up selling for almost five times that amount.

Other Bermuda posters featured at the auction included designs by Adolph Treidler, who first worked for the Bermuda Board of Trade promoting the destination in the 1930s, and William Zdinak.

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