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The ingenious curved shape of these slippers mean they are cut from one continuous piece of fabric, a feature that helps to conserve material and reduce waste. The fact that they are sustainably produced as well is merely a bonus.

Manufactured in Slovenia, Kaaita slippers are intended for use in hotels and guest houses where they are designed to make the simple act of walking a luxurious affair. With a focus of sustainability, the company seeks to minimise waste in the manner in which the slippers are produced and packaged. Made from Pinatex, a 100% natural, water-resistant and hand-washable material every slipper is designed, tailored and packaged locally.

Each pair is derived from material equal to six plastic water bottles and pineapple leaf fibres. The slippers are machine washable and are themselves recyclable. Three different weight options are available: Felt Light, Felt Plus and Felt Lux, the latter of which have lavender flowers sewn into the soles. Guests are encouraged to take the slippers home with them at the end of their stay or if they prefer, the slippers can be left in the room where they become part of a returnable recycling service offered by the company.

The slippers offer a tangible opportunity to take a step closer to responsible hotel service by turning potential waste into memorable hotel experiences.


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