Images: Imaxtree
I am featuring the Prada show solely because it has become so directional and important in the industry - a benchmark which other designers and the high street will riff on in the weeks and months to come - if you will, that I could not in all good conscience omit to cover it although I am all "fashioned out".  I'm not saying I particularly like the looks, but I certainly give kudos to her creativity and influence.  

I am happy to see it was a tropical theme, albeit a very stylised version.  Without knowing the details, I would say pre-revolutionary Cuba of the 50s.  The show featured an unusual drop-shoulder profile and the shapes were boxy.  Cuban guayaberas with flippy skirts?  Don't see myself rushing to the shops to buy those I'm afraid.  The colours were very strong and bright with stripes grounded in black.  Shoes were platformed wedges - strange sporty, and the sunglasses extremely ornate.  Everyone seems to be talking about the unusual monkey and banana print but I don't love it.  Actually the way it repeats itself on the fabric like a mirror image like a rorschach test reminds me of what Alexander McQueen was doing with the patterns in his last collection.  I did however like the dresses with the figure on them marginally more.   Lord alone knows what those furry things the models were holding were and what purpose fur has in a spring/summer collection.

There were some pretty austere dresses at the end.  Again, I wouldn't have picked black as a dominant colour for a spring/summer collection but I guess that's why I'm here and why Miuccia is running the show.