Images: island*atelier
We have a few bookstores here but they don't offer the same variety you find in stores in big cities around the world. That's to be expected; there just isn’t the market for that sort of thing. But the other day when I was travelling I spent several hours in a big bookstore chain just browsing both books and the magazine options on sale. I especially love to flip through the different types of magazines that you don't normally see and in the smaller bookstores where I live. These are the really specialist magazines which I'm happy to see are still being printed in this day of online media and second-gen Internet. I mean I love the Internet as much as the next guy but there’s something about the tactile experience of flipping through a paper-based magazine that an electronic version, in my opinion, will never be able to replicate. There’s just so much inspiration to be absorbed at once.  Because I’m not used to it, sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming and I can only take it in short doses.