Image: island*atelier
Driving to the east end of the island a few weeks ago, I was floored to see what appeared to be two bus shelters directly opposite to each other vandalised and spray painted with graffiti, something which is rarely seen here.  I subsequently thought the work was a little too polished to be unlawful and I was right.  It turned out to be a piece by Kathleena Howie Garcia, aka "Lady K Fever" who was Masterworks Gallery's recent artist-in-residence.  Hailing from Bronx, Lady K Fever is a multi-disciplinary artist in media of painting, graffiti art, murals, digital art and photography.  She has since left the temporary artist-in-residence post having given a number of tutorials over the summer and unfortunately when I passed the shelters again recently, I noticed the murals had been painted over and so no longer exist.  

Have a look at the work in more detail after the jump.

Images: island*atelier