Images: via The App Store
I've come across several new and interesting takes on weather applications recently.  Shown on top, Partly Cloudy is part clock, part infographic and a highly visual way of forecasting the weather. Below is Solar: Weather, with a gorgeous, minimalist design.   Both apps are highly visual but very different.

Partly Cloudy packs a lot of information into its pictographic but is supposedly an easy way to peruse a large amount of information regarding the day's weather conditions.  The main interface looks like a traditional clock face and can be set to either a 12-hour, 24-hour or seven-day forecast, depending on the location. By repositioning the hand around the perimeter, time and forecast changes showing the predicted  temperature, precipitation level, wind force, the day's high/low and the weather situation (rainy, cloudy, partly cloudy) update in according real time.

Solar: Weather manages to combine elegance and intuition and features radiant colourscapes to help you predict your day.  With an exclusive 24-hour scrolling feature, the user scrolls up for the 24-hour forecast and swipes down to see the three day prediction.  Swiping across the screen shows the weather in different locations of your choice.