Images: via iTunes
You can experience a virtual piece of musical history with this app created as a collaboration between Design I/O and strategic design agency eyeball nyc.  John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes is an interactive album app that tells the story of Lennon’s life-changing journey by sailboat Megan Jaye from Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda in June 1980, and the creative re-awakening he experienced during his time on the island which lead to the release of his album Double Fantasy: A Heart Play.  The trip, which Lennon had been encouraged to take by his wife Yoko Ono and which occurred six months before his death, is uniquely chronicled in this electronic format.

One of the project’s directors - Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Michael Epstein - wanted to recreate the experience of becoming immersed in a record album, something he felt no longer exists in a world made up of electronic music files. The Tapes are essentially a conversation between Lennon and Ono through songwriting, and Design I/O were given unpreceedented access to the demo tapes Lennon recorded in Bermuda as well as interviews with Lennon, Ono and Megan Jaye's crew.

The story is divided into six chapters which cover everything from the sailing voyage, to his arrival in Bermuda, to the visit to the disco which his creative re-birth is attributed.  Told with the use of illustration and interactive techniques including 3D and dynamic/generative content, it features music, photos and interviews that detail a relatively unexamined slice of the former Beatle’s life.  The team wanted the design and experience of the app to match the tone and feeling of each section of the story, therefore different techniques were used for each chapter in order to provide the most poetic interaction.   

The app, which is currently only available on Apple devices, is solely owned by WhyHunger with all net proceeds going to benefit that organisation's work to realise a world free of hunger and poverty.

Images: via iTunes 
Images: Design I/O