Untitled Work (Timepiece)
Image  |  Al Braithwaite
Objects, a mixed media show by Trinidad‐based artist Al Braithwaite, is being held at the Medulla Art Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad until today.  Braithwaite is a contemporary artist from London, who works across a variety of disciplines including sculpture, assemblage, found material and installation.  His work fits into a tradition of conceptual art and recalls Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus and aspects of Orphism.

The show comprises one book, eight sculptures and over thirty photographs by Braithwaite who collaborated with other artists including Richard Arrindell, Miquel Galofré, Abigail Hadeed, Maria Govan, Nadia Huggins, Marlon James and Alex Smailes.  Braithwaite’s work is often laden with social metaphors, where people and objects become interchangeable or equivalent.  The norm is altered; common things are repositioned slightly or deployed in contexts which alter their meanings.  Narratives of play, power and vulnerability also run through the work.  

Untitled Work (Gazing Ball)
Untitled Work (Tight Brood)
They Might As Well Be Human Scalps
Images  |  Al Braithwaite