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Image  |  Evak
And now for something practical (but still stylish). 

Solving the problem of grappling with spring-loaded or rubber-sealed vacuum lid storage jars, is the Evak glass food storage system, a cleverly designed set of containers whose lids force every last bit of air out of the jars thereby creating a tight seal. No special mechanisms are needed in order to operate the lids.  Just push down to seal and pull up to open.  The lid has built-in air valves and as it is pushed into the container, air is pushed out preserving the freshness of its contents.  While the handle is plastic, the part of the lid that touches the food is stainless steel so the contents of the container only ever touch glass and stainless steel. 

The jars come in two sizes: 6″ and 8.4″ tall.

Image  |  Evak