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Always one of the more creative shows at Fashion Week (last season the stage was outfitted to resemble a Victorian graveyard), Thom Browne once again did not disappoint with his Spring 2017 show. Browne took his inspiration from Slim Aarons’ classic 1955 image of socialite CZ Guest poolside in Palm Beach entitled “The Good Life”. The models initially entered what appeared to be an empty swimming pool wearing loose caftans and bathing caps which were removed to reveal the outfits underneath. It took us a few moments to realise that what we were looking at were actually trompe l'oeil effects superimposed on a single garment with a zipper running up the back for easy access. The clothes appeared to be tailored but the effect was actually created by the clever use of seaming and colour-blocking. The show ended with the models shedding their garments (which were then collected by a gaggle of male models dressed as birds) to reveal swimsuits in Browne's signature red, white and blue stripe and assuming lounging positions poolside.

Browne's accessories were also noteworthy. Hector, his dog, returned in two iterations: as a bag in patchwork floral or gingham check and as some form of 'goddess' with a mirrored disco ball hat designed by renowned milliner Stephen Jones.  Don't overthink it, it worked. In keeping with the water theme, the sunglasses worn by the models featured kissing fish or a whale silhouette and the intentionally mismatched shoes sported a wedge heel with nautical motifs such as a spouting whale, an anchor or a sailboat.

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