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Anthurium, durian, with a Tiffany & Co. sterling-silver coffee can

Freakebana (pronounced “freak-eh-ba-na”) is a relatively new concept combines the minimalist Japanese art of flower arranging known as ikebana with unlikely and often unexpected objects. Ikebana traditionally features spare, off-kilter compositions made from local or seasonal flowers and foliage. The idea behind this discipline is to emphasise form, line and colour and the plants and flowers used are often chosen specifically for their symbolism.

These freakebana arrangements were composed by florist Brittany Asch and styled by Diana Tsui . They incorporate eccentric elements such as cubes of Jell-O and rhinestone earrings or a plastic fork for maximum impact. The resulting sculpture-cum-artwork is a surreal juxtaposition of the ordinary and the beautiful which together elevate the arrangement.

Anthurium, orchid roots, with Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Signature cultured Akoya pearl earrings
Pitcher plant with David Yurman black-Tahitian-pearl-and-diamond earrings
Phalaenopsis orchid with Buccellati silver-coated seashell
Protea, feather grass, and a miniature palm with De Beers diamond earrings
Sarracenia, amaranthus, with a Chanel No. 5 parfum bottle
Lady’s slipper orchid with a Pomellato 18-karat-rose-gold bracelet
Coconut frond, anthurium, orchid, celosia, and bromeliad with a LBK Studio glass sculpture
Images | Bobby Doherty


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