Image: Distil Union

Most of us sleep with our phones by our bedsides, whether using them as an alarm clock (I have at least three apps designed to get me out of bed in the morning with varying degrees of success ) or simply charging them, so I like the idea of this device which transforms the iPhone into a sleek alarm clock-cum-charging station.

Snooze by distil union comes housed in either a Maple wood or an aluminium case and features a tactile rubber snooze bar along the top which easily lets you quiet your alarm or incoming phone calls.  Beneath the rubber top is a hard resin insert that transfers pressure to the iPhone volume buttons and in turn activates the snooze feature of the alarm.  While any app that uses the volume buttons to trigger the snooze feature will work with the Snooze housing, distil union have designed a free app that works seamlessly with the unit.  The Snooze app is based on the native iPhone clock, but has the added ability to change the length of the snooze timer and features a landscape clock-face display which can be dimmed.

The charging (and sync) component of Snooze features an optional, bright red cable called Weave which has a woven outer cover inspired by vintage electrical cords.  Both Snooze and Weave are still in prototype form.  To learn more about the projects and help get them funded, click here.

Images: Distil Union