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For us, The Cloth will always be synonymous with a particular time when the clothing line now helmed by Robert Anthony Young was first established as a collaborative some 25 years ago. Over the last 18 years the line has matured as Young, who once considered joining the priesthood (possibly making the name of the line an extremely clever play on words), has refined and developed the line's signature appliqué treatment which can be found on most of the clothes and accessories.  The clothes - mainly made of cotton - are often layered, pleated or loosely draped making them ideal for the warm Caribbean climate. The designs are bright and eye-catching and of course because of the appliqué, no two pieces are ever alike. 

Committed as he is to a colour sensibility, an insistence on innovation, fabrics informed by practicality and an awareness of the global picture, Young has etched a place in the region that has earned him the respect of his peers and a fiercely loyal clientele. As a result, The Cloth has come to represent a unique and always original Caribbean aesthetic.

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