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I've been stopped in the street and told that with me, it's either a statement bag or statement shoes.  I fully cop to that description, but my love of interesting footwear definitely predated my love of interesting bags, which is why I immediately fell in love with these glittery, shiny and seemingly completely impractical shoes by L’F Shoes.

The name L’F is an acronym for the line's designers - Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari - who first presented a capsule collection in 2011.  Their collections have an optimistic spirit and are characterised by bright colours and contrasting materials such as silver leather embellished with yellow feathers.  The shoes are built to last with a focus on attention to detail and Italian production quality.  The brand’s iconic shoe is a brogue that has been redesigned to be worn every day without impediments such as laces or a tongue but the typically masculine shoes are rendered in metallic leather and have thick lug soles.

Images  |  L'F Shoes